Know more about Contractorbay’s Duct cleaning services

Know more about Contractorbay’s Duct cleaning services

When the season is over, we capitalize on this opportunity to “season clean up,” from mopping and cleaning to recycling discarded clothing we no longer use. However, one thing you may not have considered being on your cleaning list is to get the air ducts of your home cleaned. The air duct professional cleaning request not solely assures optimal air quality but likewise guarantees that your house is safe in every way possible. 

In this blog, we’ll smash down the ContractorBay air duct cleaning service. It will encourage you to appreciate the significance of cleaning.


Once our cleaning team arrives for a visit to your house, a detailed initial consultation is needed. Now is the moment that you express frustration over trouble areas and filthy ductwork. We will address all your queries in advance, such as those you might have of cleaning yourself or long-term maintenance of the duct. This session is essential since it enables you to understand precisely what’s happening in the extraction process. After this, our teams will inspect the whole system to find any problems.


Once the assessment was being done, we’ll get to the task. The competent duct cleaning team will be in charge of the AC unit (blower and tubes) and all the duct maintenance in the house. Prior to clearing away every pipe, we put the full Ac unit under vacuum to eliminate all waste. This method, and also how much time it takes, differ as to how much ductwork you get at home. Whether it ends up taking several hours, don’t worry, the price doesn’t change. That’s what we all are here to do, and we want to do a good job no matter how long it takes.


When the job is over, our staff will make sure you know exactly what they did on the support call. Our staff takes pictures of the entire cleaning process (before and after) to make sure you know what approach they have taken to each duct, and if there have been issues that have occurred through the process, that’s when we let you know. If there were any problems, whether the drain was broken or the pipe leak, we will let you know how we intend to repair it. With your consent, our team will seal the duct and repair it for you.

The ContractorBay team is effectively just one-stop solution from inspection to follow-up. We ensure that you know the deep cleaning, finish the cleanup and keep it up for years to pass. We guarantee that no matter the problem or season, your demand for a duct cleaning service tends to leave you happy and confident.

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