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  • How can one post a project for contractors?

    Posting a project for contractors is easy. All you need to do is go to “Post a Project” page by clicking on the menu bar, located on the top left corner of the app, next to our logo. Here you will fill out the name of your project, provide length and width of the area for which you want an estimate, take pictures or make a video providing a 360 degree view, provide a detail description of what is it you want done. For example, if you want an estimate to renovate your entire washroom. In the description section, provide additional measurements, such as the measurement of the tub if you want that replaced, and also the vanity. More details you provide, more accurate the estimate.

  • Are the contractors reliable?

    Yes! All contractors registered on the app go through a background check. We make sure they have all necessary documentation, and training.

  • Do you accept payment for the services through the app?

    At this moment we only accept payment for all freelance projects.

  • Do contractors have access to my personal information when I post a project?

    No! Contractors don’t get your personal information when you post a project. Till the time you hire a contractor from our app, you are known to all contractors by your last name and the city you are in. Once you have hired one from our app,, only then that particular contractor will get your full name, address, and contact number.


  • Do you require any documents for signing up?

    Yes! Upon signing up, we require your WSIB Clearance certificate number, your working at heights certificate, your Liability Insurance Certificate, and a police clearance certificate.

  • Can I still sign up without the required documents?

    You can sign up. However, you won’t be able to post any estimates, or get complete information, till the documents are submitted to us. Until that time you will be in “Read Only” mode.

  • Do we pay anything for posting an estimate?

    There are no charges for posting an estimate. You can post one estimate per project, on as many projects as you like. We only charge the contractor who gets hired from our app, a small commission.

  • Is my estimate visible to other contractors who are providing an estimate for the same project?

    No! Other contractors cannot see what you have quoted for that project. You will also not see how many contractors have posted an estimate.

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  • Can I start applying for projects as soon as I sign up?

    You can start applying for projects as soon as you submit the police clearance certificate. Till that time you will be in “Read Only” mode.

  • Why do I need a data plan?

    Information on our app is constantly changing. To stay up to date, you would need a data plan. You also need a data plan to access various features, without which you won’t be able to bill your customers.

  • Where do I see projects available to apply?

    There are two places where you can see the projects available. One is on your home screen, where you can see all project offers sent to you privately. Here you can either accept or reject it. The second place is in the “Apply for Projects” section. Here you will find all jobs which were made public. You can apply for the ones you think suits your skill set.

  • How can I communicate with the project owner?

    You can communicate with the project owner from within the app, using our messaging service, or you can give them a call if they have give you a phone number to contact on.

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