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  • Spend time doing what you do best.
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You don’t need to spend time prospecting clients, searching for your next job, or on advertising. We do that for you. Leaving you lots of time focusing on things in hand, and providing a good work-life balance.

There may have been times when you went out to give an estimate, only to not get that project but also to give the project to any contractor. You spent lot of time travelling, you wasted gas, added mileage to your vehicle, only to loose the prospective client.

Now you can save your time and money. You can now easily Become Contractor & can get construction projects.

You are at a project, and one of your employees called in sick. You have to complete the project on time, and you don’t have anyone to cover for that employee.

Not to worry. Now ContractorBay is here! You can hire a freelancer, contractors from our list of skilled workers for construction or other. Choose the one that fits your needs and budget. We don’t have default rates for any category.

Make that deadline without any stress.

Keeping Your Interest In Mind


Save Time

No need to drive to give out estimates.


Save Money

You don’t have to spend your hard earned dollars on gas or advertising.


Get Notified

You will get notified when there is a customer looking for an estimate.


Stay in command

Estimate on projects you want without any pressure or obligations of meeting a quota for a third party company.


Unlimited leads

Post an estimate on as many projects you want.

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